Custom Kitchen Splashbacks

Thanks to all the inspiration from our DIY reality TV shows, custom kitchen splashbacks are a must-have in any home. Kitchen splashbacks provide an opportunity to be creative, colourful, and stylish with your kitchen décor – with an endless list of design possibilities to choose from, whether it’s glass or mirror, coloured or clear with a patterned wall backing.


Choose a bold, vibrant design to set your room alight! Or, choose a funky pattern and make a real style statement. Whether you choose coloured or plain glass, it is all cut to measure for your kitchen space – and then it’s toughened for extra durability against the high heat and moisture typical of a kitchen environment.

Plus – glass splashbacks are the ideal inclusion for your kitchen, as there is no grout there’s less cleaning for you to do over time!

But, with so much choice available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our friendly glazers can come to you for a free design consultation, measure, and quote. We’ll discuss your style and budget requirements and draw on our wealth of knowledge and expertise to recommend the best product and design for your home.

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